Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No guilt

So... just posting that this A.M. led me to my photo opportunity...just across the street from my school.
But since I am a rules girl..you will have to wait to see the my town pictures.
It did lead to an exciting interaction with a cute little lady. :)
She did wonder, of course, why I was stopping, and standing in the middle of the road to take
pictures of her neighbor's yard...{of course}.
I told her and we talked a bit.

Then it was off to my Mama's house to pick up my home-made veggie soup and sausage biscuits.
She cooks for us, y'all.
She does this all the time...and
My only true worry is that I will forget how to cook.
We don't cook with recipes...it is a common sense thing..you cook, say a roast, or
a chicken..and some stuff to go with it..just cooking..pots, peas, rice etc.
No recipes.
I used to be able to...I am really out of practice.
Do I feel guilty?...sometimes.
My children are not watching me cook, like I did my Mama...
but then...NO!
I let it go!
We have healthy, yummy food--we know Grandmama made it...and

Then I got home and my house was spotless...b/c thanks to another
I have had someone coming to clean every other week...and
let's just say..the weeks fly by!!
It is absolutely worth every freaking penny to come home and have one's home
looking like a hotel room.
EVERY Penny!!
You see, if you have a Type A personality...and you want things to be straight and clean
then having to be around dirtiness--it is maddening.
If you do not have this Type A thing..then God Bless you!
But type A cannot be helped.
Having a dirty house makes me ill.
For a long time I really struggled with paying someone to wipe pee of the toilets...
But then...in a moment of weakness I caved..and
man I am glad I did.
When both adults work full time, it is really unreasonable to think that
the house will get cleaned up, and stay clean.
We do not spend our time {off} cleaning...
Or, really--I would try to, and then have VBIs all the time.

So, this day was made do-able by the fact that supper was cooked.
Sheets were washed and changed.
Floors were swept and mopped.
Bathrooms were scrubbed.
And I did none of it!
What DID I do?
Speech therapy with 22 children, take Elena for her allergy shots,
Read to my children and dip their plates, brush their teeth, tuck them in , go to a meeting,
Oh, and I also had to wash the rugs and towels etc. and fold them up, and
put some fresh ones in there...some reason Elena does not do this...I am not sure why.
Also, I have to remake the bottoms of the beds with hospital corners..which I guess
she does not know how to do..b/c if one knows how to do the hospital
corner...there is no substitute..

Okay--good night! I am off to comfy clean sheets. :)--guilt free!

What happened??

Let's see...
I am thinking that a regular Monday post is just something I set
up for myself to rebel against...
Isn't that so funny?
It is a {great} idea...
BUT--I am not feeling the inspiration at the time
I need to feel it in order to make the post happen.

For example, yesterday I took my camera with me.
I was going to take a couple pictures..
and the...nope!
Didn't do it..
Talked myself right out of it..

If you know me, you know that I have ideas...
They are all flowing and bouncing around in my head right now.
BUT--to take the camera, and take the pictures, and then post too...
It just does not all line up for some reason.

I am going to make a list of my ideas here...then you can be on the lookout for
the post...
*The {not so secret} garden/contrasted with a more {traditional} one.
**Fall aparty little houses--contrasted with some of the biggies and grandies...
*I already did big, beautiful river--compared to the creeky part--and I was not too pleased with the result of that attempt to let you see how it really looks...I might keep trying.
**Places to buy seafood--this is a fun one
*A story that someone told at Juliana's funeral about people here

So see, that is four weeks of Mondays--I missed this one...so I will not post my garden post on
a different day.   I will stick to Monday--no reason...just b/c I started out that way. :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Island update

So we have been using the Island...See?  It has grout.  See?  The blue tape has been ever-so-delicately removed to reveal the beautiful Mahogany stain!! See?  hee hee...
It is a {VERY BLUE} island.
I am also in the process of having my sofa recovered to be--denim--so our house is becoming more and more shades of blue/blue green/aqua--I am thinking I will back off at any time...maybe some beige curtains for the living room???  --The stools that will go here are counter height bar chairs--they have backs, and they swivel (have fun kids).  We are just waiting on those, and then that little {back breaker} table back there...It is a goner--from the kitchen at least. :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

So long...


Something bad is going down here this weekend.
The Blockbuster is CLOSING!!!
This is really bad.
I like to go into the movie store and browse.
I LOVE to go into the movie store and get 99Cent family movies for my children to watch.

Now...all we have is the red box --all over town.
I know, I know--welcome to the second decade of the 2,000sands...
BUT--This is just sad to me.
Now, that is going to be an empty building.
The guy who worked in there was THE PERFECT MOVIE STORE GUY.
He always cracked corny jokes etc.
Now he says he is, "leaving the company."

So. Sad.

Yes.  I am fully aware that the way to get a movie these days is to
order it piped from Netflix or wherever directly into your t.v.--I have
even seen this done!
But that is just not the same to me...
I guess I had better get on finding out how to do it. :)
I think that might involve buying some machine--
wii?  x-box?? something...
or, I can just go to redbox--like everyone else..

So long B-buster! We will miss you!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mama! Mama!

We need the camera!!
We found a bird's nest!!
I am not sure where in the yard this little cutie is...
I am sure it is old..not time for new nests yet, but I just loved the excitement in their voices when they
came in to tell me that they wanted to go and take this picture.
Of course, I let them take the camera outside and take the picture.

When I had Elena someone told me, Always remember, "Every age is the best age."
That way you will not pine away over some lost aspect of your children growing up.
They are so fun to watch all along.
I am loving their technological sophistication.
They want I-pods, they work my camera, they play on Starfall...

I think that advice was the best piece I ever got.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ear update...

So, yes.
I have to update!
I am on day five of steroids and my hearing has improved!
It is very interesting.
When you check the hearing you consider two factors...
The pitch of the sound (frequency--measured in Herz)
Then, the sound level that the person can hear at any given
frequency--the dB-or decibel level.

So when my hearing was out last week--I was fine until 2000 hz.
At that frequency I could not hear until the sound level was at 45 dB.
Now my threshold--the lowest sound you need to really be able to hear--
is back at 20--for that frequency.

Now, at 4,000 hz it was terrible--my old threshold was at 65 dB
Now, it is down to 40.

I am thinking this is good.

I noticed after one day of steroids that my ear felt less...
I am not sure--it just felt different.
Then I began to notice that when it was ringing--
it was ringing at a lower frequency.

So there...I have six days of steroids left...
Then an MRI--I am thinking they still want to double
check and make sure there is nothing weird
on my auditory nerve or in my cochlea! :)

Something {fun} to try!

I have been looking at BB creams--a new make-up/skin care trend for a while.
I have been shopping/browsing online.
Clinique has one, so I went to Belk (shop locally) to get some--or at least try a sample.
Well, the Clinique counter did not have any yet, but Estee Lauder did.
You put it on before your powder.
It has moisturizer, SPF, and anti-aging.
Very cool.
It is a cream with a bit of tint in it, and there are only two shades right now.
For my pink/red undertones I needed the shade number one.
This is the coolest idea..and very {fun} to me.
Can make-up be fun...well, yes.  When I buy something that makes me happy when I 
get to put it on my face in the AM before a long day of work... I think that is very worth it.
You know, too, when you buy from Clinique or Estee Lauder counters--if 
you don't like the stuff, you just take it back--so really no harm in trying it.

They did not pay me to write this...but man I wish they would! :)

What an easy way to {be happy} in 2012-go get you some! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

My Town Monday

 Right in the middle of town...the river is little it is in big ditches.  This is behind the dry cleaners, the building in the background is a seafood market--where the dry cleaners used to be..hmm.hmm..yeah, we don't go to that one. :)
 This is a creek--right beside the river--Jack's creek, it has been dammed up and the ducks and geese love it.--See how all the trash gets backed up here?  In the summer time this entire creek gets covered over with green goop!  I am not sure if they skim it off eventually, or if it goes away on its own with the tides etc.
 Then, here is my visitor's scene taken by my own camera.  Over in the trees sticking out is the prettiest neighborhood in our town, to me--Washington Park...I will take some pictures there too...see how wide the river is there?  When the sun is sparkling on it --it is beautiful!
This is the pier that is at the park--from that same parking lot....
It was cloudy here today.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Soap Box--intro to 2012

It is a bit early...and I am a bit off balance--with all of this ear trouble...
but here goes...i promised. :)

I have had an idea over the past several months--
When it is time to vote again, on your legislators--for the U.S. house and senate--
and the N.C. one for that matter--look at who the incumbent {idiot} is, and
I cannot believe these people get paid all of the money they make and cannot do any
better of a job getting together and getting something done--than what they have been doing.
Do you know how much money they make?--I bet it's over double what I make...if all
I did was go to work and argue and act like a disagreeable fool--I would get
They all need to go--Democrat/Republicans--all of em!!
Just vote for the other person on the ballot--no matter who in the hell it is..
I am betting they will get more/better done than what these clowns are accomplishing.
Who cares if women have a right to choose--when our country is going so broke
and everything is falling apart so badly that we are not even going to have a stable
secure infrastructure--hell!  We won't even have public health depts. at this rate!
Who cares if gay people get married??? I mean really--is this the issue to be focused on?
Medicare and Social security are going broke--loved any old people lately?
AND--Our freaking post office--THE MAIL DELIVERY is barely making it, and the
gov't is saying they can't even help that dept...
What in the world--I mean do we live in third world country?
We're gonna soon...
We need to just switch every single one of them out...for some
other people.
Sure they will be from the same silver spoon/idiot stock--but at least this will send a message:
We are not apathetic.
We know who you are? (do you know who your elected idiots are?)
We will fire you if you do not get your ass up there and make
some grown up decisions. :)
Thank you very much.

**And just in case you are wondering..I do not think this is Obama's fault.
I think he is a very rational person, who inherited a lot of debt--from and "idiot dauphin" to quote someone I recently read--and has had a very hard time fixing ANYTHING when he is dealing with a bunch of punk a**holes.

Back to N.C.--
We cannot have a republican controlled legislature here.
It does not work.
We have not had one since shortly after the civil war...and we should never have one again.
Let's face it folks--we are a Democrat state.
You can get on your moral high horse all you want...but ask yourself these questions:
Do your children go to public schools?
Do your grandchildren go to public schools?
Does anyone in your family work for public schools?
In my county the public schools is one of the biggest employers.
We have a very poor economy here.
Wanna know why?
Their children go to the private ones, dear people.
The legislators have actually referred to public education as a business!!
A business!!
umm...last I checked, the public education system is a public pursuit.
It is a system set up to achieve a goal, called an educated populace.
While I know that many in our legislature cannot believe this...
We all want our children educated!! NEWSFLASH!!
Next year, in my county...they have cut money so much--and the county is supposed to come up with more..and we have zero money for the maintenance budget--zero.  No money to maintain the school buildings.
They are going to get rid of all the assistants.
and...just recently the legislature added five calendar days to the school year--and did not fund
the five days!!
Have you ever?
Meanwhile--the counties are supposed to pay for the five days...and the counties have no money...

This is piss poor decision making folks..
Piss poor.

I could say even uglier stuff...but I say--we all find out the names of all of our legislative dumbos and kick them to the curb (figuratively of course).

Now I am climbing down--that felt SO GOOD!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Going on a picnik

I have been on a bloggy roll today!
These are posts I have been meaning to do, and have not had the time.
Elena designed the one for spot--caption and all.

I'm in love with an island...

 Luis came yesterday and put the tile on my island!  There is no grout yet.  Isn't it the best!?? :)
It still lacks the three stools I picked out to go with it--those are being paid for in installments.
hmm hmm... :)  I have one more left to pay, and then I can pick them up.  Stools are expensive btw..
Never knew this until I took my trip to the furniture store to pick some out.  If you want to buy some that are made in China of particle board--they might not be that much.  If you want the ones made in Amerka and finished in N.C.--they are pricier.  I am sort of a "you get what you pay for" person..and also will probably keep the same stools forever (I am my mama's child).
 So last night Mr. Luis came to put the tile on my island!
My children--and Andy were enthralled.  It is fun to watch someone who knows what they are doing.
I asked Luis if this makes him nervous..he said--nah!  So Luis had to do a bit of creative placement to avoid having to cut of 1/16 of an inch from both sides of the tile--he and Andy figured a way to avoid that cutting.
So this meant careful and meticulous placement of the tile...
I kept saying to him, "I don't care Luis--it is fine, trust me, it is fine...I am not picky--"  I could not find the word for picky in Spanish, so I asked him how to say it...He did not know either!  He is a Spanglish speaker, and picky works for him now.
I thought...particular (my mom uses that..."don't be so particular"--they are cognates...then I thought..fastidiosa--that means bothered/bothersome--bothered might work...I could not come up with a good word..I will have to ask Camelia--I bet she will say, "picky."

Ears, tears, fears, and {i need a beers}

So this is a long(ish) post about an interesting week.

Since the end of Dec. I have had a hearing loss in my left ear.
When I realized that my ear was not working --some little voice in my head said, "if you
ever have a sudden hearing loss--or hear tell of one--go to the ENT IMMEDIATELY--or tell
the person who is having this loss--to go there"  That voice was the voice of my anatomy professor
from graduate school.
Did I listen to the voice?
Well, you will find out.
So I waited and...and in waiting..I tried to pop my ears...that was not the issue.
I considered congestion might be the problem--I have not had congestion--but I took
some sudafed anyway..just in case.
Then I went to the fam. practioner--I wanted a tympanogram so that I could know if
my eardrum was moving or not--I could not tell b/c my ear feels so funny.
My eardrum was working and there were no signs of infection--so he gave me
Flonase...That was a week ago Monday
So on Thursday AM--I finally got the sense to call the ENT and ask advice..
The advice was, "um, m'am..this is considered to be an emergency, and we will see you at 9:30."
So off I went.
The dx.?--I have a sensorineural hearing loss--that might or might not be fixed by taking
steroids for twelve days--the dr. leaned toward NOT.  He was not very optimistic--b/c I waited too long.
Cue little voice in head--Cue feelings of disgust with myself for not being smarter about this.
So, for Morgan--in my left hear--at 2,000 Hz and up--my threshold goes from 40dB to 65 db!!
I cannot hear!! In the lower frequencies my threshold is fine, and in the right ear I can still hear perfectly.
Oh, and my left ear is also ringing--at a pitch--that supposedly I cannot hear well..the pitch of the ringing
is probably about 4,000Hz.

So basically pray that these steroids work for me--and then in two weeks I go for an MRI--to make sure there are not tumors or cysts back there on my auditory nerve or my cochlea--one of which is failing me now.--please pray that I do not have cysts or tumors!! I mean really!

Then I leave the ENT--in a daze of confusion and disappointment in myself--and I go to get a bagel.
So then I pull out of the bagel shop parking lot into the turn lane--and someone hits my car!!
I was {crushed}--like the pun?? oh yeah!!
We both get out, and hang out in the turn lane for a little while until the police get there.
The girl who hit me has a very sketchy insurance situation going on, --dmv says she has none, she says she does...whatever!  We both get tickets (turns out one should not turn out of a driveway into the turn lane--the turn lane is only for continuous traffic on the road that has the turn lane--to use--so it was fine to turn into the bagel shop via that lane--but not to exit the shop and merge into traffic using that lane--has anyone else ever heard of this???)  The wreck was her fault--and the police said so, but who really cares when she had no insurance.  So then the police pull off and I try to start my car, and the battery is dead.
Picture this:  I am sitting --trying to start my car--and cannot..and
chica who hit me is in her car crying her head off b/c her license plate just got removed from her car and she cannot go anywhere.--yuck!!
So the guys from a nearby store came and jumped my car--how sweet!  and then I gave chica a ride home...she was sort of pitiful--no family here--they are all in brooklyn and Va.--poor her, too.

So, when I got home on Thursday--after going back to work--I broke out in fever and chills--
I knew I should have asked the ENT to swab my throat!! knew it!!  I had a tickle in there--always either a cold, or strep throat for me.
Then on Friday morning my fever was 102--a fun thing about your husband being a nurse--he becomes
the official temperature taker--:)  so sweet!  So yesterday I had to go to Urgent care and as soon as the FNP looked in my throat she said--"oh god!  i am not even going to swab this! goodness!"

And just a little add in--when i went to the family doctor--a substitute doc. at my regular office--
he told me that he thought, "you just know too much"--I am not sure what he meant by this...
I mean--his machine (audiometer) confirmed that my left ear was not working--just like I said
when i went in...I am just not sure what he meant--but if any doc. ever says something like this to you...
immediately go to someone else--

Another add in--the last thing in the world I need right now is beer--that just rhymed well. :)

So now, I am taking antibiotics, steroids..and just looking forward to another round of car fixing, and points on my insurance...{FREAKING YIPPIE!!}.
But really if my ear starts working again.. the other stuff--well, it's called life, I reckon. :)

Something fun to make!

That is most certainly not spelled correctly--but I like it that way. :)
Okay--so all you need is an orange squeezer like the one below.
Some simple syrup--which you make by putting water in a measuring cup and putting one teaspoon of sugar per ounce of water and microwaving for the pre-set amnt. of time called, "beverage."
So you squeeze some oranges...however many {andy} wants to squeeze--he really loves doing this btw!
This gadget is one of his favorites--so I never do the orange squeezing.
 So, a big part of the yumminess of a an orange-aid is the shaved or finely crushed ice.  Luckily enough--Santa brought us a SNOOPY SNOW CONE MAKER!! Oh, yes he did!  --That Santa--so nostalgic.
If you have ever had one of these--and this is my second one..you know that the stickers and little woodstock juice squirter need not fool you...oh no!  This is a tool for Mama only--there is no way that a kid can put ice into that chute and crank that handle--no way!! So time for kids to watch--BACK AWAY from the ice shaver!!! (I really did say this), and Mama to turn the handle on the ice shaver about five hundred times and make some shaved ice--it is really worth it in the end. :)
 See?  You turn and you turn and you turn, and then MAGIC! PRESTO! you have four wonderful ounces of shaved ice....Thank you Mama! :)
 Can you see why my children really wanted to do some ice shaving?? how adorable is this?
So then you have to cool the simple syrup in the refrigerator --lest ye melt all of that precious shaved ice you just got a blister over--so cool down the syrup--trust me!

Then you mix the syrup and orange juice that you squeezed--or your version of Andy squeezed--and then you pour it over ice--and trust me--it could make your Saturday morning.  {Trust me}
I do recommend setting out the ice to soften--then it shaves easier.
You could also go somewhere there is an ice machine that has the soft little pieces and get some...
Sonic sells it.
In my old age--I would like to have my very own crushed ice machine--the little balls of ice
that are soft...
That is what I would like!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A visitor

After many years of not living here Andy and I were driving into town one time and I realized how beautiful a particular view was to me.
I was seeing this view for the first time from the eyes of  a visitor.
Throughout my years of growing up here I had driven on this road going home probably a thousand times and I had never even appreciated how breath taking a scene it truly is.
Well, the image was
something like this. :)
I had to {borrow} this one from the internet --it is of our river and the train tressel, however, my camera
was not cooperating yesterday, so I did a little borrowing.

What I saw was something for the first time, really.  When you drive into a town that you have never been to and it just looks like a story book town or something...it is not your town, and you are a stranger.

When we drove by the river that day, the sun was sparkling on the water and glistening--and it was just gorgeous.  It looked like this on this past Sunday too, sparkly, like diamonds--but I did not have my camera.

This will be a lesson to me!! Take the camera everywhere.

So back to the river etc.  The river here is very wide, and it is brackish water.  It is not like the Eno in Durham...a smallish trickle, or a rushing over rocks, clearwater stream.  Nope--it is huge!
There is a particular spot that you drive by--going over a bridge into Washington Park (a neighborhood) that is just so beautiful!!
When I took my own picture of this spot yesterday the camera battery was busy dying on me. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fresh Ideas..

To be honest, every time I have a soap box post to put up here...I talk
myself right out of it.
I am feeling very humble right now, not on any kind of high horse...
You need that high horse chutzpah to really jump up on the
soap box with gusto...you know?

So here is an idea I had.
I am going to call the idea, "My town Monday"
I am going to take you all on a tour of my town.
Not just the pretty parts either.
We will go to some of the most decrepit and run down places...and
we will visit some of the most beautiful, breath taking ones.

It will be fun...and I like to have {weekly} commitments during the winter time.
My other weekly commitments include..
teaching sunday school for January and February (Juliana was my partner last year)
and coaching Elena's cheerleading --which is very fun btw
It is amazing to me how someone who couldn't care less about sports
can just love to coach cheerleading.
To me, it is not about team spirit...it is about
well...getting to wear a cute outfit!! :)
I am trying to instill this in all of the girls (just kidding)
My co-coach has all the team spirit anyone could ever ask for! :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In the morning

Each day I wake up at 5:30.
When I think about that it seems like a really dumb thing to do.
Who in the world wants to get up that early?
But, now that my children are a little bigger, and I am nursing them
or comforting the in the night...I can sleep {some} nights
all night long.
So my motivation for getting up before
dawn even cracks is to have time to myself.
I get up and surf the internet, and drink coffee, and then I run
on the treadmill, while I watch some shows on PBS--there are three that come
on in rotation.
It is so relaxing to exercise and watch these shows.
One is The Desert Speaks (all about deserts), another is the Burt Wolf show, and he
goes all around travelling, and the other is Joseph Rosendo.
I travel all around every morning.  I like Joseph Rosendo, he is a sweet, nerdy guy.
--or at least he seems to be--
I do not watch any morning shows, as I think they all suck, and so do the commercials
that come on in 5 minute segments for every 7 minutes of programming.
Then, after a workout, my children wake up and I start to take care of them
feed them etc.
So, before I start working at 8:00--I have already had a lot going on.
But really, that is the part of my day that energizes me!

Now...if I could just figure out the part from 3:45 until 7:00...

Monday, January 9, 2012


Andy and I went to Juliana's funeral yesterday afternoon.
The funeral was at 2:00.  Here if a wedding or funeral starts at 2:00--you get there at 1:30.
People mostly start things on time.
I do not know what I was expecting--as honestly I have been floored by Juliana's death, but
this service was absolutely beautiful!
The first five rows of seats were filled with people from around the country, whose homeland
is Zimbabwe.
These were Juliana's and Patrick's home away from home friends.
We said the 23rd Psalm in English, and they echoed in the language of Zimbabwe (a word that
I cannot say b/c the phonemes do not even really register in my brain).  The language is called
Shona, and it is spoken by many people--9 million or so, in Zimbabwe.  (Thanks Go00gle and WIk1)

We all shared two hours of time honoring Juliana and what a beautiful person she
Two hours.
When it was over, I wanted to rewind it all and watch it again.
We had the opportunity to listen to songs sung by all of her friends
and family in the language of Zimbabwe.
Her dear, best friend read a poem to her and for us.
Here is a link to read the poem, She is gone
Her mother-in-law, and her husband spoke to us.

It was so very touching!
She really was a special person.

Now, they will travel to Zimbabwe to bury Juliana.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

and now..

She has passed away..
to look over us all, and her beautiful children, and her best friend, her husband, Patrick...
To watch them as they live their days on earth.
This is incredibly sad for Andy and for me.
It all makes me think and wonder so much...
Too much to tell.

Andy was at work today, so he called me to tell me that
he went to find Patrick--and Patrick was with Juliana, in her room...
and we are all (our community) here thinking all of the thoughts
that seem so cliche to the people who are not a part of this
All of a sudden, the thoughts are not so cliche anymore, but
When was the last time I saw her?
She looked so beautiful!  She was in her chair, recovering, and smiling and laughing
with friends!
Replay her voice (a sweet one with English spoken in a way obviously influenced by
her own language)...
Replay the beautiful things she said...
Replay again...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

There is a mother...

who is laying in the bed at PCMH tonight.
She is my friend.
She is a dear person.
This morning, she had a massive {stroke?} and things are looking
really bad--this is the same mother who recently had a heart transplant.
The surgeon told her husband that he would operate as a last effort, but
he really did not think that an operation would do much at this point...
Please pray for Juliana tonight.
I cannot imagine the pain she and her family are feeling right now.
I cannot even begin to imagine how much she is missing her boys...
Give your babies extra kisses and say a prayer for my friend, please...
She needs a miracle!