Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Okay --the first picture is just to be funny--Ha--how funny is that?
I giant woman in a too little swimsuit.
I got Andy to take this about two days before Eva was born.
Can you believe i sported that in public?

The other picture I just love. :)

Victor is playing beside me. This is what he just said, "Okay mama, I be daddy, and you be sweetheart, okay mama?"
awww.... be still my heart! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No TPT! Sorry!

Today, when I realized what day it was, it was too late to get fotos for a TPTues!
OH no!
But, it will be back next week.
I know which one I wanted to feature today, I just did not get out to take pictures of it.
stay tuned :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

strange coincidence

Two things have happened to me recently that were just so strange and coincidental, they must be reported...

*We have a fisher Pr!ce CD in the car that we listen to over and over again. One song is about a kookabura--a bird. Until I heard this song I had never heard of this bird in my life. We sing this song all the time when we sing along to that CD. Well, the other day in the library I was looking in the children's non-fiction section for a book about dogs and there it was--a book that popped out at me, entitled, "Kookabura"!! So, we, of course checked it out so we could see what one looks like etc.
Then, a day later, I was watching Tod@y with H0d@ and Kathy L33. They had a guest come on with animals, and what did the guest bring? A Kookabura!

*The other day at the library I was looking for my book that I wanted, another one by Emily Giffin, and the book, "Camille" popped out at me b/c it was written by Alexander Dumas (also wrote The Count of Monte Cristo). I checked it out--he is a good story teller. So, then we watched Annie on Saturday night and in the scene when Daddy Warbucks takes her to the movies--the movie they see, "Camille"!! I listened to the dialogue in the movie and it was the same story as the book! Crazy....That book is about a prostitute and this man that loved her, and he is telling their love story to the narrator of the book--I wonder how much Annie enjoyed that story???

Now, this post gives away a couple things...
1. Yes. I have been watching the THIRD HOUR of Tod@y. But, I don't watch the first two..whew..
I CANNOT STAND Kathie l33...she is so rude to Hoda..they need to ditch her a$$ and put someone nice up there.

2. I have been at the library a lot! :)

Okay.. I am off!! to ...let's see... vacuum? hmmm..wash the fourth load of laundry today? pick some figs....hmmm..take a shower...what will I do?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

wwmd? camping out, and special guests!!

so i am going to type this w/ 1 hand.

check out the picnic table under the carport. it cracks me up! very p0tt3rey b@rn,no? we try. sally the turtle has to live there, and the bubbles have 2b somewhere, bug spray needs 2b handy. WWm@rthaD?

andy set up the tent outside 2 nite.
how long do u think they will stay out there? hee hee...

yesterday one of my favorite people came for a visit! herb man! my dr. from about five yrs. ago. he and his wife were on the way 2 the beachand they stopped 4 a visit.

the vulture cardinal

We have a bird feeder right outside the kitchen window.
I just recently put seeds in it.
It has been so fun to watch!
There is a squirrel who hangs by his toenails to get some seeds.
There is the mockingbird who bullies everyone b/c his nest is at the top of the tree.
There is also a cardinal, who must live in our yard, who has no feathers on the top of his head.
This makes him look very much like a vulture.
It is sort of pitiful.
It makes me wonder....did the mockingbird peck his head so much that his feathers came out?
Did another cardinal do this to him?
Was he just born that way?
At any rate, he lives in our yard, and he is always out there, getting some seeds.

I will try to get a picture of could I do that?
Through the kitchen window? maybe?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby E

Baby E is doing well.
She is snuggly and precious.
She is a good nurser!
She is calm and patient.

Andy and I get to experience one more time our favorite new born baby stuff.
Favorite face: The birdy bird face.
The lips go into the shape of an O and the eyebrows arch and the head goes back and cute!
Favorite pose--when you pick a newborn up and the stretch and stick out their buns and arch their backs and hold their little arms up!! so sweet!

She hates to get bathed.
She loves to snuggle.

We love her!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is what Victor was doing yesterday when I repeatedly asked him to come to me to get his clothes on.
"Victor, come here..I am going to put your clothes on you."
"No, I not, I do my beach ball tricks" (followed by laughter)
This went on for four or five turns and then I just had to get the camera and take pictures of him doing the beach ball tricks.
Ughh...He turns me into a softee--my style of parenting has usually been more like this,
"Victor come here, right now and get your clothes on"
--Let's just say, if I have to come get you, you are in trouble...
Right now I cannot pick him up so he really does have to be a good listener and come when I call.
..or not! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trailer Park Tuesday #5

Here are the pictures of this week's trailer park.
I like this one a lot.
The trailers are painted all different colors.
This one is a lot like one of my favorites in Alamance County b/c the trailers are old, but the people just keep fixing them up. They are painted all kinds of colors, and there are gardens and flowers and porches added on.
This trailer park also had some really run down ones too--that is sad to me--Esp. when there are people living in them and they look that way. :(.
You can see the name of it on the sign. It is in Washington and it is on the road where I lived when I was little--but I do not remember this bus must not have stopped there.
When I rode through this afternoon everyone was outside playing--adults and children..hanging out, riding bikes etc. In contrast--when I went through "one of the most desirable" (quoting the real estate ads) neighborhoods on the way home--there was no one outside playing or hanging out...hmmm...
I am thinking the folks in the trailer park probably felt better when they went inside to eat supper than all the other folks who were cooped up inside all day...

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Dairy Palace

AKA--my house right now!--just kidding. :)
We actually have a place called the Dairy Palace here.
It is an old place, a drive-up food window place.
Check out the sign they have hanging on the window!
They serve THE BEST soft serve ice cream.
They also specialize in anything grease--and it is good too!
The other day I called Sissy and I asked, "where are you?" and she said, "at the dairy palace, getting some grease!" :)
Yum. It is right one hwy. 17. I wonder if anyone ever stops there besides people from here.
It used to be open until 2AM--now they close around 9PM or so.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Baby E. Finally arrived.
Andy and I went to the hospital on Wed. morning at 6:45.
We were told we could stay but there would be a wait, as someone else had just arrived who had a spontaneous labor--not induced, and after her, I could have my induction.
So we waited all day--until 3;30 --the other lady was a first time mother.
At 3:30 they took me back to start a pitocin drip, and at 5:30 the Dr. broke my water.
Baby E. arrived at 6:20.
It started to really hurt at 6:00--and by 6:20 I was finished! :)
There were no tubes/drugs etc.--besides the pitocin--which turned out not to be as bad as I had convinced myself that it might be.

Here are some pictures:
The ones that are not of E. are of the moth from the story the other day! He was huge and beautiful.
There is one of V. man. He has loved on baby--i just don't have a picture yet :).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trailer Park Tues. #4

These trailer park images were sent to me by my friend Shannon--who lives in Alamance County. She also shared commentary. :)
Thanks Shannon.
This one is called Cedar Ridge. She says it is one of her favorites b/c the folks have good landscaping and the trailers seem more permanent, and well-kept.
I like the gold one--I hope I put that one up here--it is soooo 60s looking, no?
the way the ends jut out...
She is also going to get some pics--if she has time, of my favorite two Alamance Co. trailer parks.
Alamance County is just a beautiful place! The land there is rolling hills--It is just really pretty.
Thanks again Shannon! :)

I'm still here.....yes.
No baby yet.
We are patiently waiting--until tomorrow, when they are going to induce labor. Whoever reads this can just cross your fingers for me that this thing goes alright.
The idea of medical interventions basically terrifies me!!! tubes. meds. whatever else...
I really wish that b/t now and then that I could just go into labor...but I've been wishing that, now haven't I? :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I give up!


For the past two weeks or so I have been thinking about nothing except having this baby.
We are all so ready for her. We are tired of the hurry up and wait.
We have tried EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK--think...
Castor oil...
Membranes stripped...
And all the other ones that I will not type here--Hey mama. :)

Every evening I have contractions, and several of these I have thought, this is it.
These contractions are pretty strong.
But no...

The main reason I even care is that I would love to have my body just do this on its own.
The past two...that is what happened.
A good, strong labor with no Drs putting needles and IVs and God only knows what else into me.
All of that stuff makes me feel --claustrophobic.
I am more scared of all of that than I am just hurting a bit.

But, if baby E. does not come by Tues...all of that hoping goes out the window.
B/C on Tues. my favorite Dr. is on call, and there is a possibility that they might just break my water and induce labor.
This means..pitocin
constant fetal monitoring
no walking around
and probably a c-section--if the labor "fails to progress"

All of this sounds just about as a appealing to me as being tortured. :(
But hopefully the end result will be a healthy baby. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

a funny song

This song is so funny to me -- I hope it works and it puts itself up here.
The funny part is when he describes himself how he actually is.
Please listen. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Crying "Aunt Mary!"

When my Grandmas had children people, for the most part, did not go to the hospital--in the rural places where they lived.
So, when my Daddy's mama was about to have a baby this lady who lived nearby would come to the house to be a sort of midwife.
When my Daddy was about to be born my Grandma told my Uncle Floyd to go and get Ms. Betty and tell her to send Aunt Mary --that was what the lady was called--she was not their Aunt.
The story goes that my Uncle Floyd's complaint was, "oh great! I already don't have hardly anything--now I will have even less"--one more child to share everything with.
Then, I guess everyone just got out of there and Aunt Mary and my Grandma would do what they had to do.
Now, after the birth of the baby a Dr. would come around within a few days and sign a birth certificate, and check out the baby. I wonder if the moms got checked out?
I wonder if Aunt Mary knew how to stitch up a cooch?

Well, if I still had to call Aunt Mary --she would probably have given up on me by now.
Every evening I have contractions.
They are getting stronger.
Last night they got strong enough and steady enough that we went to the hospital!
WE got there and the nurse monitored me in some kind of little room and said, no, it was not the real thing....
but..she did offer me some pain medication??? WTF? I am not here b/c I hurt! I am here b/c I was hoping the baby was going to come out!
So, I said, no thanks--none of that, if I was not in labor, then I just was not, and we could go home and come back later.
So if all these evenings--there have been four now--I would have been calling Aunt Mary--Aunt Mary would have gotten teed off my now I bet. :)

Being pregnant in the summer time would never be the choice for me. I can barely move, and when the baby comes out---there will be no swimming for big mama! Just nursing and bleeding and sitting around in the AC--which sitting around to me is the absolute pits.
I basically hate it.

Tomorrow Andy and I are thinking we are going to throw caution to the wind and go to the beach for the day. I mean, why not?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Don't do it!!

Okay, I have reached the breaking point with my latest typing error/spelling error that pushes me over the edge!!
Wanna know what it is?
It's when people put apostrophes on word's they are making plural--like I just did...can you spot it? right up there ..

If you are typing a word that is a plural---IT DOES NOT NEED AN APOSTROPHE!!
Including, but not limited to, a last name.
If your family's last name is...oh let's go with Hill.
Then you are the Hills--not the Hill's

If you are going to the store to buy bananas--buy some bananas--not banana's
I got to my breaking point last night when I was reading a paper--supposedly has a copy editor, no? Well, they commited the snafu--and it was in an excerpt from another book which also, I am assuming, had been edited by someone....oooohhhhh...
Just, don't do it. :)

On a not-so-bossy note,

I have some cool pictures in the camera.
We found this big ole caterpillar--I mean almost freakishly big--and we put it in the bug box. I thought I would let Elena leave it in there for a day or so, and check it out...
Well, it turned itself into a cocoon over night, and so there it has stayed...for about a month...
Guess what...
Today THE BIGGEST MOTH OR BUTTERFLY emerged from this cocoon--way cool and exciting. :)
Also today, we have spent several hours cleaning out the car--which I LOVE A CLEAN CAR!!
and sweet Caroline came over to organize the playhouse--which is complete. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An Interview with V man

This morning when I woke up, Victor was sleeping/waking up beside me. E and Andy were in the kitchen making coffee and breakfast.
As V was waking up I did a short interview.
Victor, where do you like to go swimming best, the pool or the river?
Da pool
Who is your favorite person?
Which car is your favorite?
My elmo car
What is your favorite food?
What is your favorite drink?
Juithe--he has a frontal lisp thanks to hours spent sucking his thumb.
What is your favorite snack?
What is your favorite thing to play outside?

He was laying beside me head with his little legs crossed and he was sucking his thumb in between questions. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trailer Park Tuesday # 3

This Tuesday's park is really a vacationer's park. The people who rent these lots and have trailers mainly stay in these in the summer time.
This park is right down on the river and in a spot where there are canals for people to have their boats in the water.
The palm trees give it a tropical feel, no?
BUT--The whole palm tree craze just happened here within the past 10 years or so....and ...well...I am not sure palm trees are even supposed to grow here.
As you can see, however, they do.

Back to the trailer park...
It has soft, sandy roads that you can walk barefooted on and it does not hurt you feet. One time, when I was about 13 or 14 a friend of mine and I stayed in her grandmother's trailer BY OURSELVES for the night ....oooohhhhhh..... We felt so growny. She has one of those young grandmothers--I think she was only forty or something, and she thought it would be okay for us to stay there for the night. Interestingly enough--we did not even sneak and do anything bad. :)
The people who have trailers here also drive golf carts all around the neighborhood.

Cute little place, Swan Point.

Please forgive typos.
If this other little person does not make her appearance soon...I might...well I don't even know.
This Thursday--I will turn on the tears in Dr.'s office. With Victor this worked like a got me an invitation to be induced the next Monday--which turned out to be unecessary, but that gave me a glimmer of hope. :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Venga bebe!

We are really really ready for Eva to be ready to come on out!
WE are all trying to talk her into making an appearance.
yesterday I spent the entire day sequestered in my house doing what might be called sulking by some, but I called it "relaxing" b/c my pelvic floor (we've all got one, don't wince) was hurting as if there were a cinder block laying on it.
I was having contractions.
Finally, I got up and went over to Andy's parents' house to watch fire works from the pier b/c I cannot stand to sulk, or "relax" too long.
Victor was terrified of the noise--so no fireworks for mama.
but E. reported that there were 150 fireworks....sounds impresive.

Here are two pictures.--well i put two up here and they put themselves in the tiny no fotos. :(

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Bauer BBQ

Melissa: This one's for you :)

Every year since I was probably 8--or even younger but I dont remember before then, I have been a guest at the Bauer BBQ on the 4th of july.
There is always some big happening--some drama to be witnessed at the bBQ.
Now the other attendees are to be seen only on the TV screen.
It happens on my soap opera! :)
Well, not next year b/c they are taking my soap off the air.
So this afternoon I dozed and watched the last Bauer BBQ ever.
Were you there too Melissa?

I must admit that I slept through about 30 minutes of it...which does not show much devotion, no?
I am also truly devoted to napping, and a choice had to be made.
The nap won.

On other topics:
We also went to the Alligood BBQ tonight.
That is Andy's mama's family. All of his cousins were there.
It was fun. There were two new teeny babies.
Good food.
Grandma Eva (96) ventured from the nursing home to visit with us and have supper.
She is the cutest little lady!
She does not miss a beat, I tell ya. Tonight she told us about her mama driving a horse and buggy to Washington--from the end of Old bAth Hwy?? or somewhere in Belhaven? I am not sure--to buy things they needed...which of course was not much b/c they had all their meats/milk/potatoes and veggies growing where they lived.
The point: When she was little there were no cars.
I want to video her telling these stories. She loves to tell them.

On movies: We watched another susan netflix selection tonight: Blame it on Fidel.
It was filmed in French--so we both had to read subtitles--which does not bother me a bit.
But my language ear wants to listen too--so I listened to the French--which just sounded like jumble to me. Italian, I can pick out the words, and Portugese too, but not French. I could only pick out English cognate words--like orange, for example. This is interesting to me.
Anyway, andy did not give me too much hell about the movie--We watched Ironman on Wed. and I stayed awake through enough of it to actuallly get the plot. I even complimented the guy's robot costume that made him into a super hero--
It's all about compromise, folks. :)

That's all I got for this Friday:
Oh, one more thing.

Here is a recipe. It is called blueberry lucious. One time when I was 12 years old I went to the river cottage of this lady with a friend of mine and we had this for dessert. I wanted to go into the kitchen of that cottage and eat every last bit of this dessert out of the dish--but I, of course, could not--I had my one helping and that was not enough--I was left wanting more, until the age of 31.
sissy and I have tried to recreate this recipe based on my memory. We have had cooking contests...we have discussed no avail.
What to do? Well, call the lady who made it! Of course!
So I did, and Andy's mama made it for me...she is friends with the lady.
It is really good. :)

Vanilla wafers--most of one box
1/2 stick of butter
1/2 box of confectioner's sugar--I used a bit less
mush and mash crumbled up cookies and make a crust at the bottom of a brownie pan
but don't cook it

Dump four cups of blue berries sprinkled with just a bit of sugar (so they will juice up) on top of the crust.

Put whipped cream on top of that...but don't put the whipped cream on til you get where you are going--it goes limp (i never knew this til today when mine went limp on me)

bueno --and that is a good recipe for ya!

hiccup is telling me to rub her and eat some ice!